An Exhibitor’s Wedding

It was October 28, 2010 when I got an email from Angie Radan (she owns Realm Salon and they joined our bridal fair last 2009) with a subject heading – Wedding Invite.Before opening it I thought “For sure this was sent by mistake”. But lo and behold, it was really intended for us! This was a sweet surprise. Why? Because it’s the first time that we got an invitation (a wedding invitation at that) from one of our bridal fair exhibitors. I was fighting tears of joy from falling down my checks. I was really touched. I never thought that we meant that much to Angie.Another surprise came on the day of their wedding when they mentioned us during their thank you speech. Mega touched na talaga ako! A very special testimonial indeed!
Below were Angie’s emails

–1st email-

Boss Alvin and Summer:)Sending you our e-invite for December 3. We want to send out all invites before November 15 and I know it’ll be impossible to meet you guys before that since it’s the PEAK for all wedding suppliers:) Just so you know, Ritchie and I are thankful to you both because you have played a very important role in our lives as a couple and as business partners. You’re truly a part of our growth and success as a wedding supplier in this very interesting world of weddings:) God has used you both in inspiring us to continuously grow REALM and be a channel of HIS blessings to more people:)

We hope you can join us on December 3:) God bless you both!

–2nd email-

ang galing kasi eh . . . we’re just starting a family and VRC has brought us so much blessings:) medyo nakikilala na din namin ang mga tao sa industriya and there are only a few whom you can trust:) see you!!! Mwah!!!

Below are some pictures we took on the day of their wedding.

Funlipix! One of our exhibitors as well
here with other wedding partners