Why Should You Exhibit at Bridal Fairs?

If you ask a veteran bridal fair exhibitor the question, “Why do you join bridal fairs?” you should be ready to hear an enthusiastic list of reasons. From increasing your client base to creating new opportunities, bridal fairs are beneficial when done right. 

Here are some reasons to exhibit at bridal fairs:

Advertising opportunities

Some bridal fair organizers give value-added added services to their exhibitors. Take advantage of advertising opportunities especially if this is part of what you paid for.  

Showcase your products and services

Bridal fairs are another way to feature your service or product offerings because nothing beats face-to-face encounters with your target market. As you demonstrate or explain what you offer, remember to show attendees exactly how you can help them.

Close a sale

Bridal fairs pull in your target market. Even though it is only for two or three days, thousands of interested couples come to bridal fairs with one goal in mind: to take advantage of special deals, discounts, promos, and freebies. They are actively seeking solutions to problems they encounter in planning their wedding. This means they are often ready to invest in a good solution on the spot and that’s where you come in! 

Face time

Bridal fairs offer you more personal time with clients. Instead of communicating through email or phone calls, you can engage with them personally and add more of your company’s personality and care to your image. Personal interaction allows you to establish a direct, more effective relationship with your clients. 


Reconfirm confidence among clients

Your company’s continued presence at bridal fairs shows your clients that your company is doing well. This is especially important these days when business is done mostly online where clients do not meet vendors personally, making clients anxious about the vendors they hire for their event. Clients attend bridal fairs specifically to meet vendors face to face to get to know them better and to reassure themselves that they made the right choice.

Solidify your presence in your industry

By exhibiting your products and services at a bridal fair, you are confirming your company’s industry presence. Thus by just joining, your presence will build your company’s status as a legitimate resource for event solutions.

Expand your client base

Everyone who signs up on your log sheet is another prospect who can turn into a client. Larger bridal fairs can produce hundreds of qualified leads, laying the foundation for new clients or sales during and even after the bridal fair.  

Market research

Being on top requires you to know your competitors. Bridal fairs allow you to size your competitors in person, see how they market their products and services and assess your own efforts to be top of mind in your industry. 

Network and create new partnerships

As a bridal fair exhibitor, you will have the chance to meet other players in the event industry who are joining the fair. Keep in mind that bridal fairs are full of vendors who are always looking for good products/services to add to their package. Go ahead and introduce yourself, exchange business cards and create a relationship with other exhibitors. A partnership forged at a bridal fair can lead to a significant increase in your revenue. Don’t be surprised if the exhibitor across your booth may turn out to be your next business partner.


Bridal fairs can help generate interest for new products and services and even for expanding your reach. All of these depend on choosing the right bridal fair and the best way to find the right one for you is to ask other vendors who join bridal fairs for their recommendations. But for now, check out what other vendors are saying about us

Having been in the business for more than 15 years, Before I Do: Wedding and Debut Fair has established the title as the “Longest Running Intimate Bridal Fair in SM Megamall” and probably in the Philippines and with its careful management of the exhibitor mix limits competition, ensuring a fantastic return on investment for exhibitors.

Joining our event not only provides you with an incredible platform for meet couples and debutantes face to face to generate sales, but it is also ideal for branding, market research, build new partnerships, and build new and lasting business relationships.

The event is strictly limited to under 120 of the established and upcoming event suppliers in the Metro. We have certain limits to extremely competitive categories so it is advisable to inquire now if space is still available in your category.

Exhibitors of Before I Do benefit from the following marketing activity:

  • Exposure on the website 
  • Online feature (conditions apply)
  • Pre and post-event promotion in all social media accounts of Before I Do (conditions apply)
  • Inclusion in online press release (conditions apply)
  • Exclusive Value-Added Services for exhibitors

If you would like to explore this opportunity, we’re happy to help!

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