Before I Do Couple: Christian and Michelle


Christian and Michelle’s wedding made me realize that anything is possible.

By just listening to their onsite video you know that they went through a lot and the love is there to stay.

“There’s one thing, the only thing I want you to remember, kahit magka Alzheimer’s ka kailangan mo syang tandaan. I will love you for the rest of my life that’s the only promise I know how to keep.”

Michelle shared with us some thoughts on how she prepared for her wedding and a bit of an advice for soon to wed couples.

“The best thing that happened during the wedding preparation…hmmm….nothing so unique but being surrounded by the people I love, bringing them all together it’s….wonderful. Knowing that they made an effort travelling back to Philippines to be with me and witness a very special event in my life. They just made it extra special.”

“The best thing that happened during our wedding:
#1 Finally were married!!!! aside from that…
#2 the Sun came up after few days of rain and aside from that …
#our very special friend who had been with us all through out the wedding prep was there even though she was on the rough spot and dealing some personal issues she was there with us to help us and make sure that everything will run smooth. Hands down very professional. I respect her for being so professional. By the way she’s our Coordinator, Summer.” For more about this visit http://vrccreative.blogspot.com/2013/08/of-beginnings-and-endings.html)

“I haven’t seen or talked to my father for years and hearing his speech was something I never expected. The memories and how well he still know me was just so special to me.”

“I splurge on the major things like the venue, food, photographer, dress and the stylist and saved on invitations. I also did some DIY on few details.”

“Ohhh!!! The wedding is very fun to think about like thinking about you’re dress and imagining your wedding, but wait till you start the real preparation it wasn’t that easy at all.”

“It will take most of your time doing some research and all that to put up your dream wedding. Good thing that I have people to count on during those time when I don’t know what to do. Not one bride knows what to do with their wedding except for those who are already involved on the wedding industry, I think.”

“You’re best friend is Mr Google. Before you hire a supplier or plan something research first check everywhere. There’s forum, there’s Facebook and other social media and every possible way you can check them so you’re sure you’re getting the right supplier for you. If you’re based abroad never neglect hiring a Coordinator because she will be your person.”

“Our best decision was we hired a very professional suppliers to create our dream wedding. We never risk on hiring suppliers for the sake of saving. If you trust and like the work of a supplier and you feel that they will give you what you want I say go for it. It’s a once in a lifetime event so why not make it special.”

Surprise birthday cake for the birthday boy

“Married life is a mix up fun and challenge. It’s fun because we made it fun as much as possible even though there is absolutely down time on some days. I think it actually depends on the couple how they will handle their marriage. I say it’s challenging because now you have to consider you’re husbands thoughts and feelings not like when you’re single I will just do whatever I like. Also let’s not forget that there’s a lot of adjustments to make. Also a bit of advice give you’re partner freedom let you’re partner do whatever he/she wants as long as both of you know your limitations. I swear it avoids a lot of conflicts and arguments.”

Featured Before I Do Bridal Fair suppliers:
Full Planning & Coordination: Simply Beautiful Events
Ceremony and Reception: The Mango Farm
Invitations: Wingdingz Invitations
Entertainment and Sound System: Notecracker
Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar
Bridal Car: Don Roberts Bridal Car
Photo booth: Fantasy Kiosk