Do You Still Need A Wedding Coordinator In The Time Of Covid?

Do You Still Need A Wedding Coordinator In The Time Of Covid?

While everyone is forced to stay at home, more and more soon to wed couples are doing their own wedding planning. There’s nothing wrong with that. In reality, one can really plan their own wedding. It’s just that getting a Wedding Planner lessens the load and stress especially if you have other important things to take care of. If you can handle all three (work, wedding planning, and stress) then plan your own wedding. Being at home all-day gives you more time to plan your wedding.

But on your wedding day, do you still plan to do things on your own especially if you will have wedding suppliers and guests to manage? If you are having a celebration with just five attendees and no suppliers, it’s fine not to get a wedding coordinator. But if you are, lessen your stress, as well as the stress of your wedding suppliers, by hiring reliable wedding coordinators to keep you on track and on time.

So what can a wedding coordinator do for you when you’re having an intimate wedding?
A wedding coordinator acts as your point person. Someone who can answer questions of guests or suppliers about the day’s activities and timeline. Someone who can give directions or make decisions on your behalf. When you’re busy with so many things and overwhelmed with what’s to come, you tend to forget that you have a schedule to follow.

One of the tasks of your wedding coordinator is for you to get married on time. Your wedding coordinator will remind your wedding suppliers of their call time and deliverables for the day. If one of your suppliers is late or does not follow the timeline, expect the domino effect of stress even before you get married.

From the time your suppliers arrive onsite, they have their respective tasks to fulfill. If you do not a wedding coordinator, your wedding suppliers would have to do the tasks of your wedding coordinator. Your suppliers would understand why you decided not to have a wedding coordinator, and they would adjust accordingly but in doing so, they might not be able to do their own tasks or what is expected from them because of the added workload (tasks that are supposed to be done by a wedding coordinator). Having a wedding coordinator assures you that your suppliers concentrate on getting their job done. Your wedding coordinator is there to assist not only you but also your wedding suppliers, this may be as simple as giving queues during the reception, calling out family members for a pictorial, or making sure that everyone is present to avoid dead-air during the program.

Iriz Lintag – The Hyper Emcee

Iriz Cruz Lintag, a wedding host, recently shared her experience and gave this advice to couples who plan to have intimate weddings, “I would suggest my soon-to-wed couples to please hire a wedding coordinator (to coordinate with the suppliers reminding them for call time). Hire a wedding coordinator and let them drive the event. Hire a professional wedding coordinator for a “Stress-Free” event wherein you will just sit back, relax, and enjoy the most special and memorable day of your lives!”

Read her post here and find out why she almost failed to host her client’s wedding last June 28, 2020.

Getting married without a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is possible as long as it is manageable.