Dreamcast Events Production

Dreamcast Events Production

Landline number: 8363813 or 8016046
Mobile number: 09267290832
Address: #2823 Phases Building, Zamora Street Pasay City
Email address: george.dreamcastevents@gmail.com
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A better, more brilliant, more powerful and more aggressive events company ready to conquer the world again. We have dedicated our time researching and reforming our ideas and creativity to BETTER and BOLDER dreams. But still continued planning and organizing our yearly events from our most valued regular clients. We have CASTED our DREAMS and set our vision and ready to overcome and surmount every challenges we might encounter.

We have realized that planning, managing, organizing events is what fulfills us and what makes us happy. We can say that this profession was really in our blood. And we believed that we do every single event with passion and dedicates all our heart, mind and soul to this job.

We provide an extraordinary hassle-free service to all our clients. We ORGANIZE, PLAN, EXECUTE, ARRANGE and MANAGE all types of events with heart and soul to deliver the best quality and exceed every client’s expectation with all the tasks and jobs that were assigned and have entrusted to us. We always produce event that is unique and distinct from one another. And lastly, we also embody the aspirations, dedication and perseverance to produce an event that is with international qualities and standards.