Edward Teng Collection

Edward Teng Collection

Address: G/F Columbian International Tower Santol St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
Contact No.: 716-5710 | 716-5742 
Email Address: teng_edward@yahoo.com | edwardtengcollections@gmail.com
Website: www.edwardteng.com 

Profile: “The Alchemist”- – – This is how and what Edward personified. This is truly because turning the ordinary to becoming extraordinary is his utmost desire while providing his supreme service to the customers… proving then that “There’s a total Magic in Dressing!”.

Beyond words of description and being a man of inclined talent, EDWARD TENG came with a simple vision of sharing himself to the growing industry of Fashion and Design. And this has indeed commenced a new breed of creative style and classic masterpieces.

Having to start at a small scale and with limited resources did not impede him from pursuing his dreams, rather, drove him to earn more, achieve more and experience more. From being an In-house designer of the Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family to being an independent couturier did sharpen his gift of art which has brought out the realization of establishing his own boutique catering to varieties of events and special occasions, may it be a personal or corporate ones.