Inhale Serenity, Exhale Anxiety


You went to Before I Do Bridal Fair at SM Megamall last November to book wedding suppliers. You ordered your invitations, had your food tasting, even had your trial makeup, and you told yourself things are going so well. You’ll be done planning your wedding in no time and with no stress. Everything was easy breezy until Covid-19 arrived. Everything spiraled out of control and you now have to trim down your guests, move your date, and renegotiate your contracts. You’re slowly sinking into a hole of anxiety and stress. And all of a sudden, wedding planning is just no fun at all.

You find yourself trying to fix things as soon as possible to get back to your sanity. Once you become anxious and stressed, you start to be less effective and you just can’t think clearly making you make bad decisions. Covid-19 is a big challenge that you can’t control. Whether you like it or not, it is a challenge that you have to face head-on but you have to control how you react.

When things go wrong and all you want to do is cry or turn into a bridezilla. Try to find a quiet place and diffuse essential oils to help recenter yourself and feel relaxed. We find that to make this more effective, listening to music and deep breathing exercises really takes you to a better, calmer place.   

Try these simple but effective ideas and you’ll notice immediate relief from your wedding stress. If you have a diffuser, fill up to the line of the water reservoir with clean distilled water and add 5 to 6 drops of your favorite essential oil, turn on, close your eyes and drift to your quiet place. If a diffuser is not available, place a few drops of essential oils in the palms of your hands, rub them together, cup over your nose, and take deep breaths. 

Here are some of the essential oils that we love to diffuse:

  • Jasmine helps uplift the mood and produce feelings of confidence and optimism
  • Lemon for positive emotions and mental clarity
  • Lavender calms the mind and body
  • Cedarwood promotes relaxation, balance and increased mental focus
  • Ylang ylang helps reduce feelings of agitation and brings a feeling of immediate calm and peace
  • Bergamot relieves anxiety (a personal favorite)
  • Cinnamon for an instant energy boost if you’re feeling exhausted (both physically and mentally)
  • Eucalyptus rejuvenates and stimulates the mind and body
  • Rose helps to boost self-esteem and promotes feelings of joy and hope
  • Orange is a natural antidepressant

When buying essential oils make sure the bottle says 100% pure essential oil and has the proper name of the species mentioned on the label of the bottle. Example for Lavender: Lavandula Hybrida Medicus. If you see the word ‘fragrance’ it almost always means there are other additives or fillers and this is not good for you and your body. If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, you can purchase your oils through Oils are Blessings. They are an Independent Distributor of Young Living. 

Deep breathing or belly breathing is easy to do and very relaxing. Diffusing essential oils while deep breathing will be extra helpful. 

  • Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position.
  • Place your left hand on your belly and your right hand on your chest.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and bring all the air to your belly, making it expand. Your hand on your chest should not move.
  • Slowly breathe out through your mouth as if you’re whistling. Your right hand should not move.
  • Do this 3 to 10 times. Take your time with each breath.

And to make things enjoyable, listen to music. Classical or instrumental musical music will help you calm down and focus. If classical music is not your thing, go for something a little upbeat that would make you want to dance and smile. It is said that the happier you feel, you rejuvenate faster and your brain functions better!

To join and order from Young Living, please click here. Once you sign up, you will be connected with Oils are Blessing Team for personal support and coaching. They’d be happy to help you on your journey to vibrant well-being the natural way! Any questions? Click here.

Quick note! The information on this site does not constitute advice. We aren’t doctors, nor are we prescribing anything. If you are new to essential oils, it is best to do a small skin patch test to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction. If you’re pregnant or nursing, or on any kind of medication please check with your doctor before using essential oils. When using any of the essential oils mentioned throughout this website, please be sure to read the labels and follow their suggestions for safe use. We only suggest products we genuinely enjoy and want you to benefit from.