Joel Bautista Couture

Joel Bautista Couture

Landline number: 7581353
Mobile numbers: 0936 9027588, 0918 3692028, 0917 3302460
Address: 8845 Sampaloc St., San Antonio Village, Makati City (by APPOINTMENT ONLY)
Email addresses: joelbautista.weddings@gmail.com or inquire.joelbautista@hotmail.com
Blog: http://joelbautista.blogspot.com/
Facebook: Joel Bautista Couture

JOEL BAUTISTA COUTURE is primarily headed by its designer/owner Joel Bautista. With over 2 decades in the fashion industry, Joel began to focus doing bridal, debut and formal attire events for men and women at the same time the so-called “wedding industry” has started.

Joel graduated college with a BS Biology degree at the De La Salle University-Manila and went on to finish a medical degree at the Fatima College of Medicine, Our Lady of Fatima University. It was a complete change of career for Joel as passion finally made him decide to be a fashion and a bridal designer. He soon went to the Fashion Institute of the Philippines to continue enhancing his skills aside from the passion and talent that he possess in this field.

A well-rounded designer, he has participated in on some editions of the Philippine Fashion Week and other Fashions along with other bridal and fashion events.

At present, he is the Chairman and one of the founding members of FWDP(Fashion and Wedding Designers of the Philippines) now known as BDGP ( Bridal Designers Group – Philippines). A dedicated supplier to his work and his level of professionalism has catapulted him to be a “seasoned” designer who can work on reasonable budgets planned by couples who has decided to get married as well as debutants to celebrate their milestone event.

As how he has tagged himself, “My prices are not expensive, but definitely not cheap”. He has continued to maintain himself as the better alternative to the overly hyped designers which commands prices that is categorically expensive and the overly price-dropped commercial designers who are only after the business side of their work and sacrifices quality and dedication.