Just In A Bridal Show? Time To Follow Up!

Just In A Bridal Show? Time To Follow Up!

Whew!! Doing a bridal show is Hard Work! You’re probably pretty exhausted and glad it’s over – or is it? All of the time and money you invested in the show could be wasted it you don’t follow up. Worse yet – you will have left money lying on the table that your competitors would gladly grab.

Would you like to know how much you could lose? Write down the average price or your product or service. Now, multiply that number by three. That final number is, at the least, how much more money you could make from the show by just following up!

It is commonly known in sales that, out of 10 people that you pitch (tell about your products and services), three will book with you, three will not book with you (no matter what). How many of the remaining four book with you depends on the effectiveness of your presentation. This calculation is based on averages. So, just by following up you are adding to your revenue.

Still not convinced? Follow-up is more vital now that ever before. With the short attention span of today’s bride (texting while she checks her email while she listens to her iPod), it takes her seeing your name 12 time to make a lasting impression (at one time it was only seven times). Even if you sent a pre-show invitation, placed an ad in the show program, donated a door prize so your name would be announced, had an amazing display with hard-to-miss signage, handed out giveaways with your logo and placed your literature in her hands, she will not see your name enough times to make a lasting impression.

Plus, each bride has her own timeline for planning her wedding. She will decide on and reserve your service (or buy your product) when she is ready. The more often you are in front of her after the show, the more likely she will hire you.

Text by Julia Markel
Originally appeared on More than Just a Pretty Booth
With permission to repost