Kasal.com’s “The Wedding Proposal Story” Contest


A few weeks ago I received an email from Kasal.com, a long time event partner of our event – Before I Do Bridal Fair Series. They have an ongoing online contest for couples, “The Wedding Proposal Story” Contest, and they want me to be part of it. I was so happy, shocked and excited all at the same time when they asked me to be one of their judges and of course, I immediately agreed. 

There were several entries that needed to be scored. Some proposals were something I’ve heard of already. Others spoke of the lengths they’ve done to execute their plans to propose. There was one guy who even gave his girlfriend 3 engagement rings! Sweet =)

I salute the men who really made an effort to make the day of their proposal very special. If I were in the shoes of these ladies, I would fall in love all over again. Read their stories for yourself (click the name of the couple to be directed to their love story). 
Ann & Bry
Katherine & Lito
Adonis & Karen Sue
Limuel & Ianna
Jet & Jen
Chris & Tintin
Charles & Lara
Joey & Jennifer
Kate & Arnold

Aside from having a dream wedding, girls look forward to the day the man they love would propose to them. When I was a little girl, there was a time when I wondered.. Do girls get to keep the ring if the relationship doesn’t go to the next level? Does a girl who is proposed to have the heart to say “No” if she doesn’t feel it’s the right time? Does it always have to be a diamond ring? Some men uses a family heirloom as an engagement ring. What if it doesn’t fit my personality? Hahaha! Too many questions for a 10 year old. 

This contest made me think back if I ever did dreamed of being proposed to and how. I actually can’t remember. Maybe I’ll write about it when I remember. It was my dream wedding that got stuck in my head up to now. And it stayed as a dream…

But so far… nothing still beats my favorite proposal ever. And this one always makes me cry.

Anyway, I hope my personal favorite for this contest wins.

Always stay safe and be happy. 

Many blessings!