MR Villar Photography

MR Villar Photography

Contact Number: 0916 3449706
Address: 32 C.P. Romulo st., North Susana Executive Village, Old Balara, Quezon City
Email Adress: behappy@mrvillar.com
Website: www.mrvillar.com

My journey to photography didn’t happen overnight.

I was a trainer from a universal bank. Aside from facilitating corporate trainings, I became the “official photographer” of our team since I was the one who had a camera. The first DSLR I had was bought by my then girlfriend (and now my wife), Marianne, in Hong kong. Being fascinated with gadgets, I tinkered on the DSLR and started to have an interest in photography.

After that, I took photos not only during trainings but even for other events for my company. I also shot for family gatherings.

The interest started to develop further when my wife and I had our engagement session. After our photo shoot, I started thinking and appreciating photography in a different perspective. It is not just about pointing and clicking, it is about capturing the laughs, the excitement, the drama, the moment.

I then slowly entered the world of photography. I studied, learned and experienced photography under the mentoship of Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor.

And now, here we are! And I can truly say that I am blessed to share the talent God has given me to everyone thru my photos.

I believe that photography is not just about tangible photos that will last a lifetime, but it also the experience that comes with that photo that makes it so special.

Simple. Sincere. Fun! These are the things that I incorporate in making the whole experience very worthwhile. And that experience translates into photographs that capture meaningful moments meant to be reminisced over and over again.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!