Ortiz Skin Clinic

Ortiz Skin Clinic

Address: 3rd floor, PureGold Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon city
Contact Numbers: 
Makati – (02) 546-7861 or 0929 5334012
Cubao – (02) 332-0396 or 0906 2353281
Calamba – 0947 9775988
Email Address: ortizskinclinic.website@gmail.com
Website: http://ortizskinclinic.com
Facebook: Ortiz Skin Clinic 

Owned and managed by spouses Doctors Paul Ed and Jennifer Ortiz under SEC Registration number for 10 years now. The clinic specializes in Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. It has 11 branches now and with several branches for expansion in the future. The number of personnel is around 60-70 now with 34 OJTs rotating in these branches. Its head office is located at Third Floor, Puregold Araneta Center, Quezon City.

Brief History
Ortiz Skin Clinic (formerly as Holy King Medical Clinic) is the forerunner of what is now Ortiz Medical and Skin Clinic. It was established on November 25, 2007, at Unit C19 Jade Tower Condominium, 2nd Avenue West Grace Park, Caloocan city. Catering initially for Sexually Transmitted Disease and Venereal Diseases Cases, it practiced dermatology after two years. In 2009, both Doctors Paul Ed and Jennifer Ortiz enhanced their medical expertise and undergone preceptorship training for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Their second branch, located in Pasig, and later in Makati City was established later in 2009. In 2012, another branch was established in Metrolane Quezon City. Due to the high demand of patients and clients, additional 6 branches were established until now with ZONAV SKIN WELLNESS as one of our umbrella clinics.

ORTIZ-ORTIZ MEDICAL AND SKIN CLINIC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and exists as a legitimate umbrella of clinics that caters to patients and clients in the fields ranging from dermatology to cosmetic surgery. The corporation bylaws is readily available at SEC. The organizational structure of which is patterned to the following branches: Medical Directorial Staff (MDS); Administration Branch and Operations Branch. MDS is headed by the Medical Director with its member, the board of stockholders.

It has a chain of command within its organizational structure with clinic policies and rules and regulations which are strictly followed by its personnel. Several key officers within the organizational structure play a vital task for the corporation and are check and balanced by its branches interactions.

From 2010 until now, our clinics had been seeing thousands of patients from our branches annually. One of the reasons from our clients and patients usually heard from is the affordability and same quality with that of other high-end dermatology clinics in the region. We, at the medical directorate, formulates personality development and offer OJT to our personnel and trainees. From basic facial procedures to machine-assisted basic skin treatment and maintenance, we assure that our clients and patients received proper care.

Ortiz Skin Clinic establish on focusing on providing quality customer service. These objectives attempt to measure customer satisfaction with costs and overall quality of a product or service.

TO OFFER AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY MEDICAL DERMATOLOGY TO THE PUBLIC. Quality and affordable dermatological services and products readily available to the public in aesthetic clinics manned by service-oriented trained personnel.