Requirements to Acquire a Marriage License


Planning to get married in the Philippines? Here are some legal requirements that you need to know and prepare.

  • Certified True Copy: Birth** or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants
  • If widowed, death certificate of demise spouse**
  • If the previous marriage was annulled, copy of Court Decision and absolute Decree of Finality from the Court
  • Should not be related by blood (up to 4th degree)
  • Community Tax Certificates of both applicants, male and female
  • One 2×2 ID photo (colored or black and white) of each applicant, male and female
  • Certificate of Family Planning and Counseling*
  • Certificate of No Marriage**

* There is no age limit for Family Planning, however, couples who are 24 years and below need to attend both Family Planning Sessions and Marriage counseling. Family Planning Sessions are scheduled for half-day within the premises of the Health Department of City Hall. Inquire from any of the office clerks about the details.
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If the applicant is a foreigner, the requirements are:

  • Valid passport – showing date and date of arrival
  • Certificate of legal capacity to marry issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials
  • If divorced, copy of Final Decree of Absolute Divorce
  • Certificate of Family Planning, Marriage Counseling, and Responsible Parenthood

Legal Age:

  • 18 years old (male or female)
  • Persons below 21 years old need parental consent
  • Persons 21 years and below 25 years old need parental advice

The marriage license will be issued on the 11th day after the 10th day of the posting period upon submission of the marriage license. The marriage license expires 120 days from the date license was issued. Please note that you can acquire a marriage license at the Local Civil Registry from the city, town, or municipality where either the bride or the groom habitually resides. Meaning, if you are from Makati and your fiance is from Cavite, you can only apply for a marriage license in Makati or Cavite and if you don’t get married within 120 days, you have to file for a new marriage license.

It is always best to visit your Local Civil Registrar where you intend to apply for your marriage license and find out their specific requirements since some interpret the guidelines differently.According to the Family Code of the Philippines: No license will be required for your marriage if you and your partner have lived together as husband and wife for at least 5 years. Simply secure an affidavit to facilitate the wedding.Registration of Certificate of Marriage shall be in 4 copies:
1st copy: Local Civil Registry2nd copy: NSO3rd copy: Solemnizing Officer / Church
4th copy: Couple

Remember, regardless of the type of wedding ceremony you’re having, you will undergo the same process of getting married and when applying for a marriage license, always remember that the personal appearance of both parties is required.

Try to avoid fixers. Submitting IDs and personal appearance are security measures required by the government to avoid couples from being scammed.It is important to verify all information with your local civil registrar before proceeding with your wedding plans since requirements often change.