Sample Booth Setup

It’s your first time joining a bridal fair and you don’t know what or how to set up your booth. Don’t worry. We’ll help you with the basic things you need to know in order to design your own booth setup.

But first thing’s first. You have to find out what is provided by the Organizer. 

Before I Do Bridal Fair Series provides each participant with a bare raw space, a carpet, and an electrical outlet (others will only provide electrical outlets). We do not provide booth systems, tables, and chairs but you can rent these from our Official Contractor should you wish to. But if you want to be more creative, you are free to decorate your booth to attract more visitors.

If you will bring your own panels or booth dividers, be considerate and make sure that you cover the back panel/divider (the one facing your neighbors) with a clean black or white cloth. This will hide any wiring or exposed unsightly woodwork on the other side of your booth.

Next, where are you located? Are you at the corner (2 sides open), middle (1 side open), or at the end (3 sides open)?

2 sides open (For size and opening reference only. Booth not included)
1 side open (For size and opening reference only. Booth not included)
3 sides open (For size and opening reference only. Booth not included)

(Photos grabbed from Pyramid Displays)

Booth sizes would vary depending on the bridal fair or trade fair that you’ll join. In Before I Do Bridal Fair Series, depending on what’s available, you can choose between:

  • 2 meters x 3 meters
  • 2 meters x 4 meters
  • 2 meters x 5 meters
  • 3 meters x 3 meters (as shown above: 1 panel = 1 meter)

With the size of the booth you are getting, visualize what items you can place inside your booth. Better yet, try to set up one at home or at your office to see what it will actually look like on the day of the event. Ingress day is not the time to see if all your items would fit inside your booth.

Location: Consider the direction of foot traffic. Is your booth at the front, right side, or the left side of the hall? The best location is always the front and right side of the hall. As kids, we were “trained” to always keep right. So now that we’re adults, every time we enter a building or when there’s foot traffic, we always go to the right. The same goes for visitors to any trade fair. Once they enter, they will go to the right. That is why prime booths are always the ones at the front and right side of the hall.

Choosing a booth location will also determine where you would face your visitors. So if your booth is between 2 booths, check out where your guests are coming from and make sure you’re not facing the other way. You have to anticipate their arrival and greet them with a smile.

So how do you decorate your booth? For us, it is best to do your research first before you plan your display. You do not want to end up spending on display items that you don’t really need. To find out how others are doing it and if it appeals to you. Will a booth system work for you or would you rather give it more flare? Will you use your company colors or use a different color scheme? Just not all the colors of the rainbow. By the way, to save on money, make sure that you can use the same setup for your next event. You can’t keep on buying stuff every 2 months.

Things to consider or think about when decorating your booth:

  1. Color scheme
  2. Type of tables and chairs (size as well)
  3. Location of tables
  4. Lighting
  5. Backdrop
  6. Signage
  7. Highlight service to offer
  8. Display shelves (if needed)
  9. What items to display

Below are photos of sample setups that might give you an idea of how you can decorate your own booth.


Bridal Car



Coordinators and Planners



Florist and Stylist

Hair and Make up Artist



Photo and Video


We hope this helps you on how you can decorate your own booth.