So You Are Getting Married In Metro Manila And You Need Help.

So You Are Getting Married In Metro Manila And You Need Help.

So you are getting married in Metro Manila and you need help. What kind of help do you need? Who do you know that has experience? Have you heard about Events Republic? If not, I will let you know they are simply the best at what they do. And we needed that for our wedding since 150 guests were coming. Marge has done many, many weddings. Camille and I were getting married for our first and only time.

If you are the groom you may have no idea about wedding coordinators. If you are the bride you will know for sure. Ask yourself if you know Marge and her team. I do now. I am the groom. I had no idea why my bride wanted to have a wedding coordinator. Now I do. Now I know that without Marge and her team we simply would not have had a wonderful wedding the we, our family and friends will always remember. We were married on Sept 7, 2013 and people are still talking about how fantastic all aspects of the wedding and reception were.

Why did we have such a wonderful wedding? It was because Marge and her team do flawless wedding coordination. They handled all the logistics from the hotel to the church, back to the hotel, and down to the reception. They coordinated my tuxedo, and of course my bride’s gown, hair, makeup as well as that of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They made sure the rings showed up along with the Bible, the wedding program, the guest registration at the reception. There were so many details they made perfect I could not name them all. It was Marge and her team whose hands guided us where we needed to be each moment of the day.

I am sure they got up hours before we did, and executed on a tried and true wedding plan. I will always recommend Marge at Events Republic. Her expertise is highly valued by us, and a must if you want to have the very best wedding for your bride. If you are the groom, Marge will ensure that your bride will not have any regrets about her wedding day. If you are like me then you will not want to make a single mistake that could disappoint your bride on her dream day. That is why Marge at Events Republic is waiting.

Rick Price
Washington, DC

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