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TATERS – A slang word that means “potatoes”; a fast food chain that serves delicious American-inspired snacks enjoyed by the whole family, and now, the industry leader in Entertainment Snacks.Taters has been called a popcorn concession, a nacho store, and even a French fries outlet. From the time it opened its first store in 1994 at the Greenbelt Cinema Square Makati, Taters has offered an All-American selection of snack products popularized in baseball games. Since its subsequent outlets were mostly located near the cinemas, Taters’ popcorn, fries, chips, nachos, and its other munchies became the movie snack of choice for avid cinema-goers.

24 years later, Taters has solidified itself as the iconic brand it is today. Now serving a large variety of All-Time American Snack Favorites, the brand offers fries, nachos, fresh potato chips, chicken fingers, hotdogs, burgers, and the flagship Taters Superpop™ Popcorn, among others.

Now 45 outlets and counting, the foremost purveyors of entertainment snacks has branches across the Philippines from the bustling Manila metropolis to the developing cities of Digos, Jaro, and Cotabato.With its great offerings bringing added value to the entertainment experience, Taters is geared to take its place as a truly global snack food brand.To know more about us, visit us at