There were many orgs sending me emails about joining bridal fairs some years back, but I didn’t know that I CAN. A good friend, named Allie, and someone big in the industry, Sir Lito of Smart Shot, convinced me to join.

Before I Do was one of the first orgs I trusted, and one of the firsts who GAVE ITS TRUST in our company. BID has always been supportive to DreiSofia’s and has been very patient to guide us – step by step. Ms Lanie & Ms Summer never failed to make us feel important, supported & guided each time. — This is A REALLY BIG FACTOR for me.

Among all the orgs, BID is the most proactive in providing marketing materials to its exhibitors. And they give it waaaaay before the fair, which is giving the exhibitors more time to prepare & invite clients.

I remember when BID convinced me to do food tasting. They were very supportive! And even lent a hand to make sure we would have enough space for it. We aced it, and they didn’t fail to recognize our hard work. We felt like we’re in an organization who treated its members as family!

Another good thing about BID – it is the ONLY organization that will ask you if you need more marketing materials re your promos (after providing the basic ones), and they will make one for you PRONTO! You won’t need to do a follow-up nor ‘make them kulit’ about something you need. They will give it to you, EVEN BEFORE YOU ASK.

Before I Do, thank you for welcoming my team to your organization. We were able to achieve our goals of increasing our market and become more visible in the events industry. Forever grateful guys, esp to Ms Sam & Ms Lanie!

Thank you so much for providing exceptional service to your exhibitors every time! Everything is organized – from listing of suppliers, floorplans, advertising, guest registrations, sales counting, raffle – up until closing. I would definitely recommend Before I Do to my friends & to anyone who would like to expand its market in the events industry. Esp if you are a newbie, they will guide you PATIENTLY every step of the way.

Will forever stay with BEFORE I DO, for as long as DS lives!

Vanessa Marquina


The “Before I Do” bridal fair series is a long-runnning fair that anticipated not only by soon-to-weds, but by wedding suppliers as well. As a brand looking for exposure, it makes sense to join a fair that already has a following.

We’re very happy that BID continuously promotes our website and activities through social media. We will continue to support Before I Do Wedding and Debut Fair as a media partner.

I would recommend Before I Do because of the level of support that you provide during fairs. You clearly think of ways to promote the participants’ products and services and entice soon-to-weds to book their services through creative gimmicks and promos.

Jamie Lyn Arcega

General Manager, BridalBook.ph

Enrico Braza’s Entertainment Center will always PARTICIPATE at “Before I DO” Bridal Fair Series!!!… As an exhibitor, our product is MUSIC. All of our schedules (time of performance), were perfect. We were able to start on time and finish on time. They are always FAIR to everybody and see to it that every musician group will be given the time they requested. Ever since we joined “Before I Do”, we have gained lots of client bookings and just yesterday, a client who saw our performance at this bridal fair booked us already.. TIME AND MANAGEMENT WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL AND THE WAY THEY TREAT THEIR EXHIBITORS??? I THINKG WE ARE ALL TREATED EVENLY AND FAIRLY! EBE CENTER WILL ALWAYS JOIN “Before I Do” Bridal Fair Series!!!… We are happy to be 1 of their exhibitors and to be always part of their event!… MORE POWER!!!

Enrico Braza

Owner, Enrico Braza's Entertainment Center

It was November 2016 when I was looking for a bridal fair where i could join for the 1st time. I asked a cousin who works for Megamall and suggested to look for Before I Do. I called and spoke with Ms. Jaycee. She was kind enough to answer all my questions over the phone ( sana hnd nakulitan sa akin ????). She even suggested which booth is better to choose. Then I attended the briefing. Met them for the first time. Boss Summer was the one conducting the seminar and was so kind and patient in answering my questions (sana din hindi siya nakulitan ????). Since it was my first time to join I had a lot of questions, as in a lot. ????

During the bridal fair itself, it was fun setting up the booth. Ms. Jaycee, Boss Summer and Sir Alvin would come and visit and check out our booth. It was a blast. Many possible clients came in and join. Even after the bridal fair, they still entertain you if you have any questions. They would even recommend other suppliers if you need them. They would even recommend you to other clients.

Being part of the Before I Do Bridal Fair Series is a very good chance to promote my business. I recommend all the Event Organizers, Make-up Artists, Photographers and other Suppliers to join Before I Do Bridal Fair.

To all the staff of Before I Do Bridal Fair, specially Ms. Jaycee Sabitsana, Boss Summer Carullo and Sir Alvin Carullo, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the support. I WILL BE FOREVER LOYAL TO YOU. Until the next Before I Do Bridal Fair!

Yza Delmendo

Owner, Myjoyfulday North Event Essentials Provider

Why does Rachebeli love Before I Do? Let me count the ways.

1) Before I Do is sincere. The way the participants and guests are taken cared of in and out of the fair, there is sincerity.

2) We had a lot of highs in this fair and it is consistent in living up to its name.

3) The effort we give is well worth it because the Organizers themselves are working doubly hard to make every investment a real value for money.

4) No fuss. Just pure concern for everyone. This goes a long way.

Chelo de Pedro

General Manager, Rachebeli Wines

Before I Do, kasi dito ako unang sumali ng bridal fair ang Beauty by Ria eto ang first love ko, first time ma-experience na hindi kumain, umihi at tumayo ng sampung oras. Dito ko natutunan sa kanila ang lahat ng gagawin sa mga susunod pang bridal fairs na sasalihan ko, dito rin ako nka book ng 23 brides in 2 days, dito rin ako naging “dapat” top booker na hindi lang nag claim ang ibang clients sa organizers booth, dito ko rin naririnig ng malakas ang pangalan ko hahaha, dito ko rin naramdaman na nag cacare sila sa mga exhibitors tulad ko, dito rin ung dinadalaw nila akoat knakamusta during fair (ung iba kasi deadma:() dito rin may masarap na parkain sa briefing ung iba cupcake lang hahaha, dito rin medyo nakikilala naang Beauty by Ria and thank you for that… At higit sa lahat dito ako laging excited pag may fair sila kaya lahat ng fair nila kasali na ako. Kaya love ko si Before I Do! 🙂 Muwah!!!

Ria De Guzman

Owner, Beauty by Ria

Good day! We just want to thank you for making before i do last weekend possible! It was a blast to get such wonderful response from prospect client and we owe it all to you… It was our first time to be part of Before I Do, and we really appreciate the coordination of the organizers… We may have some slight misunderstanding and we took action to correct it with the help of the organizers as well.. Thank you!… It was good to have made new friends with fellow exhibitors and the staff as well.. Again, thank you!

Filterpan Studio

The Mango Farm has participated in many bridal fairs since 2005. After all these years, only a few bridal fair organizers remain at the top of their game in actively bringing business to fair participants – and that includes BID. They do research well to know the ever evolving wedding market, they advertise on time and at the right spots, they create incentive to increase foot traffic. Good suppliers stand to gain from the professional handling of BID events.

Michael Santos

Owner, The Mango Farm

Before I Do Bridal Fair has been our choice since 2010 both for our own company and for our students who are aspiring wedding coordinators. The “Most Intimate Bridal Fair” is very helpful in our business. Keep up the good work and more power to VRC!

Gen Lee

Owner, Gen Lee Events

It was November 2013 when we first joined Before I Do Bridal Fair & we could never forget it because that was also the time that we received our very first TOP BOOKER award 🙂 We are proud to be part of the VRC Creative Events Bridal Shows from 2013 until the present year, 2017. The shows are very well organized and the prospective bride turnout is always high, which definitely sets you apart from other Bridal Show Organizers. We have always enjoyed a tremendous amount of success participating in your shows and would highly recommend you to any vendor.

We appreciate all you did to help our business grow and cannot wait to continue working with you and your staff in the upcoming years!

Arleen Manlangit

Owner, Dangwa Florist

I would like to thank Mr. Alvin Carullo and Ms. Summer Reyes-Carullo for the business and opportunities! Before I DO Bridal Fair is worth the time, effort and cost. Gowns and Events – Design and Management Team wen home with a number of confirmed bookings, and that’s not all, because it generated A LOT of sales leads that up until now, we get calls from guests at the fair who are now ready to book! Before I Do Bridal Fair gave me the impression that bridal fairs are not so tasky and risky after all. After setting up the booth, we can easily interact with the guests because the whole area of the exhibit is quite intimate. Joining it and being connected with its organizer, VRC Creative Events has also added good publicity and credibility, making our company name known to many. Before I Do Bridal Fair has the potential to fill up your calendar with plenty of bookings. 🙂

Vana De Leon Barja

Owner, Gowns and Events - Design and Management

MAJICA joined BID because it’s a great exposure and keeps my company in the lime light.
I would suggest to my fellow makeup artists to join BID because it’s a great avenue of business growth and they give good support and consideration to all their exhibitors.

Jackie Majica Flores

Businesswoman/Makeup Director, MAKEOVER BY MAJICA

How about a round of applause? The event organized by Before I Do Bridal Fair Series at Megatrade Hall 3 SM Megamall is a success.

Lot Cristobal Abalos

Owner, One Love Photography

We have participated in the bridal fairs for 4 years now and we could say the Before I Do Team really knows how to take care of their exhibitors. They are very approachable and down to earth. They have the most number of bridal fairs in a year which is a big advantage for us who is still young in the business to get more clients and to widen our exposure. We like that they don’t allow zoning, that there’s just enough exhibitors per category & everything is well managed. They are all hands-on especially Maam Summer & Sir Alvin! We would like to thank BID Team for all the support you’ve given to us & for the kind words of encouragement. We are looking forward on working with you for years to come! More power to the team!

Ali Eclipse

Owner, Diamond with Love