The Bridal Fair Experience


The story remains the same… When the initial shock wears off and you force yourself to look at other things (other than that beautiful diamond engagement ring on your finger), many decisions will need to be made and you start to panic. Suddenly, questions such as: When to get married? Where will the dream wedding be? Who are you going to invite? Just pops one after the other. Relax. This is supposed to be the fun part!

Visitors and Guests at Before I Do Bridal Fair

Attending a bridal show such as one of the Before I Do Bridal Fair Series is very helpful in planning one’s wedding because you can meet with many wedding specialists all in one location and it’s the most convenient way to learn about a myriad of event options, from gowns to jewelry. It normally takes months for couples to meet with all the suppliers they want to meet and book. But when you attend bridal fairs, you can make educated decisions in a time-efficient manner.

Bride having her trial make up with Ms. Jo Barba 

 At bridal fairs, you get to experience with all your senses what you miss online or in the printed word. Smell the flowers…taste the cakes…listen to the music…meet award winning photographers….try on the tiaras! And once you’re face-to-face with the experts, you can ask them their most burning questions.

To help you start at the right footing, here are the first few things you should do when you attend bridal fairs:
   1. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. You’ll be glad you did.
   2. Register online to avoid the long line if not, be prepared to register at the door. Be patient! This is well worth it.
   3. Bring pre-printed self-adhesive address labels or DIY calling cards with your name, address, phone, email, and wedding date. This will save you time and allow you to sign up for anything you want very quickly.
   4. Bring a pen and print very clearly when registering for anything.

Couples filling out coupons for the Onsite Booker Raffle

   5. Bring your check book in case you decide to book services or hold dates with a deposit. Be sure to check on refund policies before giving any money, and read the contract carefully before signing.
   6. If you’re not sure, don’t commit. Collect any information you are interested in – take it home to look over again when you have some quiet time.

Couple consulting Chef Velmor of Purple Dish during their food tasting at Before I Do Bridal Fair

   7. If you cannot attend, send someone in your place to register you for prizes and collect information on services you need.

   8. It is nice if your fiancé attends with you. A lot of grooms-to-be attend, so he won’t be the only one there!
   9. Relax and have fun — this is your wedding shopping spree!

Wink offered incredible deals at Before I Do Bridal Fair

Bring your girlfriends, mom, and even your fiancé and enjoy the day. Many wedding suppliers will be giving discounts and you can only benefit from these if you attend bridal fairs.