The Bridge Across Forever!

The Bridge Across Forever!

JP and DIANA is one of the coolest couple I’ve encountered. I do admire the way they handle things–they just breeze through the day without any worries at all. I would often smile whenever I hear them conversing to each other. This set the right mood on their big day. JP and DIANA became a spark that ignites laughter among their family and friends.

The highlight of the day was having their wedding ceremony in one of the historical churches in Manila, the San Sebastian Church. I was so moved to see the Father of the Bride beaming with pride as she watched his daughter walked down the aisle. It was an unforgettable moment for the Groom as well–the most significant day for them had finally arrived.

The pictorial in Quiapo bridge further boost the fun and excitement of the day. I was amazed with JP and DIANA’s enthusiasm. They did not mind their tiredness, or the fact that passersby were staring at them while they’re having their pictorial as a newly wed couple. The ‘go for it’ attitude is like a bridge that will lead this couple to go places..they were not afraid to take any risk..they were not hesitant to go beyond the traditional.

Celebrating JP and DIANA and their bridge across forever!

One Love Photography

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