Joining Bridal Expositions or Trade Fairs is an effective promotion and sales tool for start up companies and small businesses. Whether this is your “nth” or 1st time to participate, these tips will help you get the best ROI (Return On Investment) from any Bridal Exposition or Trade Fair you attend. Below are some tips to make your participation worth your while and money.

1) Set your goals.

What are your expectations? Do you expect to sell certain items at the expo, or expect to make possible tie ups with other vendors? Are you introducing a new product or service to the public?

It is ok to have more than one goal, as long as you are clear about what your participation in the Bridal Fair is going to achieve.

2) Do your Research.

You need to select the Bridal Fairs or Exhibits that will give your business the best ROI in terms of your goals. It is best to choose a show that targets the audience that you want to reach, and best suits your goals. Find out what the particular expo objectives are, and evaluate the audience.

Find out more about Before I Do Bridal Fair Series at http://mybridalfair.com

3) Allot a budget and book your booth early.

Find out everything you can about your preferred booth space and the amenities that goes with it. Always ask for a layout to select the best location for you. Ask if they zone exhibitors by category, who will occupy the booth beside the one you want, is it a high traffic or low traffic area, etc.

Visit the Who Should Join? page to find out what Before I Do Bridal Fair Series can offer. Also, we do not have zoning for our bridal fair because we do not want to limit you to an area that you think will not benefit you. If you really want to position yourself at the forefront of the exhibit or prime area, be ready to book early! Call us now and ask for our updated layout.

By the way, we give bigger discounts to Exhibitors who:

* creates a group of 3 wedding suppliers or more and

* pays for both exhibits in advance

4) Think of your audience when you plan your participation.

Identify who is your target market for your bridal fair display? Brides? Grooms? Parents? Retail customers? Wholesale buyers? Other businesses in your industry?

Different audiences “shop” bridal fair differently, and have different needs. So be prepared!

5) Spread the word in advance.

Spread the word that you’re joining a particular expo or bridal fair. Invite clients, customers, suppliers, and other contacts to attend the fair. Don’t forget to inform them about your location. Be sure to advertise your participation in the coming expo or bridal show on your Web site.

We can provide you with a special tile ad highlighting your participation at the bridal fair for FREE or copy-and-past the code to your website to inform visitors that you’re joining our bridal fair.