What is a Bridal Fair?


What is a Bridal Fair?
A bridal fair is a convention of suppliers in the wedding industry to highlight their services offered. It is also a way to get to know the supplier more and get to interact with them. This event helps the soon-to-be married couple in choosing the perfect team who will handle their once in a lifetime moment in a location more convenient and reachable by them.

Reasons to attend a bridal fair?
It is an exceptionally daunting and tiring task for couples to go from north to south just to canvas for their respective suppliers with a plethora of choices also given to them. The bridal fair will give the couple the convenience and the comfort of bringing them all the suppliers they would be needing one event and in one location. Kinda Nifty eh? 🙂

Bridal fairs also offer extensive promos and discounts for the marrying couple from the suppliers in the event who would come and visit the event. Who wouldn’t want discounts and to save money.

FREEBIES. actually, it says it all. haha yup! FREE stuff. Fun games, Raffles, and prices await you and your love. There will be FREE trial session for make-up for brides. Yey! 🙂

It is also a great way to conceptualize and plan what kind of wedding do you want to achieve. Ideas and inspiration can come also from going to bridal fairs.

Will you attend a bridal fair?
YES, YOU definitely should!:)

You will interact, be inspired, have fun, and get to know people in the industry.

It’s fun to hang out with us wedding suppliers. We don’t bite! 🙂 We pamper! 🙂

WE will be looking forward to seeing you there!

How to go to a bridal fair?
PRE-register and get tickets for FREE!

Contributed by Nybie Ng Makeup Artistry