Yellow Tie Photography

Yellow Tie Photography

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Yellow Tie Photography / Leslie Chua

About Me
I have been in love with photographs since I was a little kid. I would run thru magazines and cut out the photos, advertisements and fashion spreads. Fast forward 2007, picked up a camera and here we are today.
I had formal training in photography, which opened up my eye to different perspectives. I still continue to explore all aspects of photography: landscape, product, portraits, action … which if you think about it, is what a wedding is composed of.  I need to capture all those in less than a day, so the story in photographs will be complete.

My Commitment
Every event is special, not only because we are celebrating a specific event, but because of those special little moments that surprise everyone.

Relatives  we  hardly  see  or  even  those  we  have met  for  the  first  time.  Relationships rekindled and arguments ended. Thoughts and emotions revealed for the first time. I have been part of those moments and felt emotions fly all over the room.

My promise  as a  photographer is  to  capture  those moments  without  hesitation.  I  will never  put  a time on  my  commitment, for  those  moments  will happen anytime, before everything starts and even at the very end.

My Style

I take a  Photojournalistic  approach to any event. Those unguarded moments, which most people might  have  not  noticed,  for  me are the best images. I will normally not interfere with the event, so things will flow as  they are  supposed to be. Spontaneous,  natural, fun and memorable, that is how your special day should be.